Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Trying to figure out kids eating habits...


I have been a dad for over 4 years now (4 yrs and 7days to be exact😜) and I still can not figure out how to get my kids to eat healthy food... What's your secret people??? I see some of my friends posting things on FaceBook and Twitter about their kids eating good or I talk to my co-workers who say their kids eat this and that... How do you do it? 
When my kids are at home they are picky, yet when they are at my in-laws, they will try just about anything.. What's the catch?
I mean they are typical kids, with a clean health record and actually are skinny, but requesting chicken nuggets for every meal, breakfast / lunch/ dinner is a little overboard. 
Typical menu is either, pizza, chicken nuggets, hot dog, lunch meat (no bread) pasta, meatballs (on occasion), salad and corn. There are a lot of there misc stuff that one eats but the other doesn't. 
Veggies, bread, meat (besides chicken) don't exist on their plates. 

One thing they love to eat is fruit. It doesn't matter what kind, they love to eat it.  

I'm not usually one to ask for advise or help on the web or social media but we have googled it, asked around and even talked to the doctor. We just can't seem to get on the same page as these crazy kids. 
Making 2 separate dinner is getting old!!!

Thanks for listening and look forward to your advise. If you want to reply back to me in an email, please do so at scottmarnold34@gmail.com